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Screening of Spirulina

Spirulina is an ancient organism that is rich in high-quality protein, multivitamins and minerals, and that is very easily digested and absorbed by the human body.So spirulina is widely recognized as a high-protein, high-nutrition natural supplement for nutritious food production.


Two classes of natural spirulina 

Giant spirulina

Giant spirulina is a common edible spirulina, generally gray-green in color, longer than wider, slightly pointed at the top, and granules on both sides of the transverse wall. The algae filaments can only maintain a spiral shape in liquid medium. Once placed in a solid medium, due to the dehydration of the peptidoglycan layer, they will become linear algae filaments due to changes in cell stiffness.

Platen-top spirulina

Platen-top spirulina is the species with the highest protein content and the most phycocyanin content among all spirulina species. It is also an excellent variety widely promoted in the world, and its nutritional content is much higher than that of giant spirulina. Spirulina platensis has huge economic and social benefits. Taking spirulina can improve the body's immunity, promote gastrointestinal motility, and supplement the body's conventional and trace elements.


How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of spirulina

The place of origin

High-quality spirulina usually comes from fresh, clean water bodies, such as lakes, ponds or artificial farms with good ecological environment. Spirulina in these environments are able to grow healthier and accumulate more nutrients in a nutrient-rich environment.

The type

Spirulina is mainly divided into two categories: blue-green algae and green algae, among which blue-green algae in blue-green algae is considered to be one of the most nutritious varieties. It is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to provide comprehensive nutritional support for our body. In addition, the two common natural spirulina we mentioned above also have different nutritional components due to different types.

The protein content

Protein content is one of the important indicators to judge the quality of spirulina. High-quality spirulina products usually have a higher protein content. Protein is the building block of body tissues and cells and is important for boosting immunity, building muscle mass and providing long-lasting energy.


The color

Fresh, high-quality spirulina is usually bright green or dark green because it contains a lot of chlorophyll. If the color of the spirulina is too bright or uneven, it may be the result of dyeing; If the spirulina is dark green or yellow-green, it may be of poor quality or not stored properly.

The smell

High-quality spirulina should have a fresh, natural seaweed smell. If the spirulina has a peculiar smell or foul smell, it may be due to pollution or oxidation, and it is not suitable for consumption.

The package

Premium spirulina is usually packaged in airtight packages to ensure its freshness and quality. There should also be detailed product information, production date and shelf life on the packaging, and corresponding food safety standards should also be followed.

The logo

Spirulina produced by regular manufacturers will have these three signs:

① "QS": food quality and safety mark;

② "GMP" mark: implement an independent management system for product quality and hygiene and safety in the production process;

③ "Blue hat" logo: National health food logo.


Only products that have passed the testing of national authoritative institutions can obtain relevant certifications, and the ingredients are safer and more effective.

To sum up, to identify high-quality spirulina should be comprehensively judged from multiple aspects such as origin, type, color, smell, protein content and packaging. If you still don’t know how to judge, you can contact Chiti, our technicians can help you Provide you with identification guidance for free.

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