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Warehouse and Transportation

As we all know the high cost and high risk of storage and transportation in the United States,so many customers pay attention to storage and transportation capabilities when looking for partners. In this regard, Chiti has absolute strength.

Cooperative warehouse

Chiti has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known warehouses in the United States. The warehouses are located in LA Warehouse: 3681 Walnut Ave, Chino CA 91710 and New York warehouse: Warehouse 1: CNL-NJ & NY WAREHOUSE, Warehouse 2: AAE -NJ & NY WAREHOUSE.

These warehouses have superior geographical location, convenient transportation facilities, modern management systems and advanced equipment, which can meet the storage, sorting and distribution needs of different volumes of goods at the same time, and Chiti's cooperative warehouses have also undergone strict security reviews. And certification to ensure that the goods are safe and reliable.


Door-to-door service

Chiti provides door-to-door service, which can deliver the goods directly to the delivery address designated by the customer. In order to ensure that the goods can be delivered on time, our logistics team will also customize the best transportation plan according to customer requirements and cargo conditions, and provide online tracking service, so that customers can know the transportation status of the goods anytime and anywhere.

Customs service

Chiti's professional team will formulate the best tariff payment plan for customers in accordance with relevant regulations and policies. Through detailed tariff calculation instructions, customers can clearly understand the series of costs involved in the goods. At the same time, we also provide customs duty payment services , make customers experience one-stop caring service.

Chiti has an excellent warehousing network and a professional logistics team in the United States, which can provide customers with efficient, safe and reliable warehousing and distribution services, so that customers can enjoy an efficient, safe and convenient experience.


Advantages of Chiti

Reduce logistics costs and increase logistics timeliness

Shipping directly from the U.S. warehouse greatly shortens the time for transportation and customs clearance, and also shortens the time for customers from placing an order to receiving the goods. It not only increases logistics timeliness , but also reduces the damage of goods caused by long-distance transportation. More importantly it also saves a lot of shipping expenses. In addition, Chiti's warehouse in the United States can quickly adjust the cargo transportation situation, more flexibly meet customer needs, and greatly improve the customer's shopping experience.


Modernized transportation services to improve logistics efficiency

Chiti's cooperative warehouse has an intelligent system, especially the tracking function, which allows customers to grasp the dynamics of cargo transportation in real time. On the one hand, customers can adjust the transportation route in time according to the transportation situation, so as to avoid unexpected situations that delay the timeliness of transportation. On the other hand, it can also ensure the customer's goods. There is safe storage throughout the transportation.

Successfully pass the customs clearance and reduce the loss of goods

With the different customs supervision policies in different regions, the duty payment service we provide can quickly and safely pass the cargo inspection in order to help customers pass the customs clearance procedures smoothly. For local customers, direct delivery from the warehouse also reduces the link of customs clearance , avoiding possible delay or loss of goods during customs clearance.

Partners who are interested in cooperation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Just tell us where to send the goods, Chiti will take care of the rest.