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Active Collagen Peptides - Molecular Weight

As we all know, collagen peptides are short-chain parts of proteins, which are usually composed of 2-100 amino acids, so the molecular structure is between amino acids and proteins.

However, the bioactive collagen peptides we often hear are still somewhat different from ordinary collagen peptides in terms of structure and function.


What is Bioactive Collagen Peptides

Bioactive collagen peptides are helical fibrous proteins twisted by 3 peptide chains. Their structure is very unique due to the repeated sequence of proline-hydroxyproline-glycine, which increases the stability of the peptide-cleaving protease, so the peptide chain fragments are effectively preserved, ensuring that the peptide chain is absorbed by the body in its complete form

In addition to being different from other collagen peptides in structure, the active peptide has a fast absorption rate and high absorption efficiency. Combined with the characteristics of not consuming energy, it can directly enter the blood circulation after passing through the duodenum, thereby quickly responding to the target cells. Therefore, their efficacy is remarkable.

Taking tripeptide as an example, it uses tilapia phosphorus as a raw material, adopts the world's most advanced complex enzyme gradient directional enzyme digestion technology, and cuts off the peptide chain of glycine-proline-hydroxyacid in collagen, thereby a fibrous protein twisted into a helical shape by three peptide chains was obtained. The average molecular weight of the tripeptide is only 280DA, which is a very rare small molecule active peptide.

The tripeptide is also more effective in anti-wrinkle and anti-aging than ordinary collagen peptides.


The most critical feature of active peptides is low molecular weight

It is very simple to distinguish active peptides from ordinary collagen peptides.,active peptides have low molecular weight.

This is actually because different hydrolysis methods can obtain various types of collagen fragmented peptides, which are usually defined by the average molecular weight of the peptide chain. The smaller the molecular weight, the more refined the enzymatic hydrolysis process is required, and the preserved peptide chain is more stable. Therefore, those with a molecular weight between 5000 and 10000 DA are called large peptides, those between 50 and 2000 DA are called oligopeptides and small molecule active polypeptides.


Only naturally derived collagen is fully active

It is worth noting that in addition to being affected by the hydrolysis method, the raw materials and preparations of the peptide chain will also determine its structure and effect, but only naturally extracted collagen has complete activity.

Some products on the market have only partial activity after testing. This is because the raw material used is recombinant collagen. On the one hand, the cost of this raw material is generally low. On the other hand, the hydrolysis technology required for recombinant collagen is simple and can be easily completed, while the complete activity collagen requires the technology of quaternary structure to realize, which is difficult and costly.


How to choose Active Collagen Peptides?

As a leading biotechnology manufacturer in China, Chiti selects the world's highest-quality, purely natural collagen as raw materials and strictly controls the quality. At the same time, in order to provide more scientific evidence for products and brands, Chiti has established cooperation with many professional third-party testing institutions to conduct clinical experiments and data testing on the entire product processing process such as raw materials, processes, and technologies to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of efficacy.


Qingdao Huineng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which Chiti belongs to, is equipped with German customized instruments and purchased from a well-known Danish enzyme preparation company. The drying, decolorization and deodorization, filtration and other processes all use international advanced equipment. The entire production process involves more than 300 technical patents. , 700 kinds of technological patents, and there are very few manufacturers in the world.


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