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Rice peptide

Do you know which plant peptide has the best whitening effect?

The answer is rice peptides.

Rice peptide is prepared from rice protein by enzymatic method. Studies have shown that rice peptide contains a variety of small molecular peptides with physiological activities, and these characteristics also make rice peptide widely used in the fields of health care, beauty and nutritional food. made an important contribution.

This also provides a broad idea for many supplements. I believe that after reading today's article, everyone will have a clearer understanding of the market prospect of rice peptide.


Health field

The data shows that rice peptide is among the top three ingredients of the most popular health care products on the market, and such health products are usually sold as comprehensive health products, targeting all age groups.

For young people, rice peptide can enhance the phagocytic ability of phagocytes, and achieve the effect of improving human immunity by enhancing the ability to remove waste cells in the human body, improve metabolic waste and harmful viruses.

The elderly group is also a loyal fan of rice peptide, because there is an ACE active peptide fragment in the structure of rice peptide that can treat high blood pressure. It dilates blood vessels by inhibiting the production of angiotensin converting enzyme, and has a good anti-hypertensive effect , so many anti-hypertensive health products will add rice peptide as the main ingredient.

In addition, the antioxidant effect is the most prominent feature of rice peptide, especially modern medical research has shown that cancer, aging, and arteriosclerosis are all related to oxidation. The intake of rice peptide can help the body resist these diseases. Therefore, it is also very popular in health care products.


Beauty field

The application of rice peptide in the field of cosmetics is almost unknown, because rice peptide has natural moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-oil, anti-acne and freckle effects, etc. These effects are also due to the high scavenging ability of rice active peptides on free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals.

Studies have shown that in addition to protecting oxidatively damaged skin cells, rice active peptides can also enhance the viability of cells. Add rice peptides to skin care products and use them continuously for 7 days. The skin glows from the inside out. After 14 days, the dullness is improved, the skin tone becomes even and rosy. After 28 days and above, the fine lines and nasolabial folds will gradually decrease.

Market research shows that skin care products containing rice peptide ingredients occupy a large share of the entire beauty products and have a stable consumer group.


Nutraceutical field

With the improvement of the awareness of nutritional supplements among the people in recent years, nutritious food has shown an unprecedented growth trend, especially as a nutritious food, it is favored by consumers.

On the one hand, it is because for infants or special groups, the purely natural rice peptides are more gentle and non-allergenic. On the other hand, rice peptides are rich in nutrients, and their amino acid composition is close to "complete protein". Compared with other cereal proteins, The biological value (BV) and protein utility ratio (PER) are higher, the biological value is as high as 77% (about 10% higher than the 67% of soybean protein), similar to shrimp and beef, very suitable for nutritional supplementation.

With the progress of various researches on rice peptide, its scope of application is also expanding. Various products with rice peptide as the main ingredient are occupying various fields of the market, and the nutritional needs of all ages can be met. We believe that rice peptide will continue to lead the market in the future. All supplements, act quickly and seize the opportunity as soon as possible!