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The authority of Chiti

"Peptide" is widely used in food, health care, medical treatment, beauty and other fields due to its high nutritional value, which makes many people see the high commercial value, so peptides of varying quality gradually emerge on the market for products, it is difficult for brand owners to distinguish product quality and even manufacturer qualifications, resulting in products that cannot be recognized by consumers.

In fact, for suppliers or brand owners, choosing a product is choosing a manufacturer. Everyone wants to choose a more authoritative manufacturer, but they don’t know how to start. Today,  I will take everyone to see where the authority of an enterprise is manifested.

Chiti VS other brands

1. Established time: chiti was established in 2013

Chiti brand belongs to Qingdao Huineng Biotech Co., Ltd., with a development history of 10 years Chiti's peptide products, such as fish peptide, cowhide peptide, type II collagen peptide, pea peptide, corn peptide, wheat peptide and other natural bioactive peptides , all have a 5-year research and development history, after 3 years of monitoring, they have been tested and effective by 20,000 people before and after, and have a wide sales market in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The accumulation of time not only allows Chiti to have a stable sales market size, but also the best proof of customer recognition.


2. SGS certification report: Chiti has a full report

When many brands issue certification reports to suppliers, they often omit the detection of heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbial flora. This is actually because the requirements for products are not strict, and these harmful substances cannot meet the SGS standards.

However, all of Chiti's products have full SGS certification reports, Dalton testing, protein testing, gluten-free testing, heavy metal testing, pesticide residue testing, and microbial flora testing all meet SGS requirements.


3. Qualification certification: Chiti has more than ten qualification certifications

As a biotechnology company specializing in the production of health care ingredients, Qingdao Huineng Biotech Co., Ltd. proposes the product core of the natural method, so all its Chiti products are all natural and pure. Not only organic plants are selected as raw materials, but also in the entire production, in the process of preparation, enzymatic hydrolysis, purification, separation, etc., no chemical or hormone addition is carried out, so as to ensure that the product enters the market in a healthy form with 0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calorie, 0 hormone, 0 gluten, and 0 chemical addition.


4. Product effectiveness: Chiti effect has been witnessed for 10 years

Next is the effect that consumers are most concerned about. Chiti has used the ATP bioluminescence method to test the concentration of active ingredients in some products on human dermal cells. The results show that the test samples not only have high activity but also have a very significant effect. At the same time, Chiti is still in the product testing stage, and has conducted rigorous animal experiments and clinical trials, and has successfully obtained approval from relevant departments due to the safety of the product. In addition, Chiti has also conducted an effect test involving 20,000 people at the same time, all of them got the answer that the product effect is excellent.

In order to get a better understanding of the effect cycle of the product, Chiti conducted a one-year real-life test. The results prove that for most people, obvious changes can be seen in the skin within 30 days, and the hair quality has improved within 3 months, the bones and joints became flexible and strong in 6 months, and the testers who took it continuously for 1 year exuded full energy and vitality from the inside out.


Authority is not only the scientific testing and identification by professional institutions and relevant departments, but also the accumulation of word-of-mouth and consumption recognition by consumers over the years. Qingdao Huineng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is definitely a leader in the industry in this respect, and Huineng Bio has always adhered to the concept of "co-creation, win-win, sharing, and common prosperity", and focusing on the global health market and social health needs, we are constantly innovating and changing, and are committed to creating a healthy life that is harmonious and unified between man and nature.

Believe us, choose us, the future will be ours.