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Collagen peptide is anti-aging

On the road to youth, there are a lot of small habits that we do not notice are quietly promoting old age. In order to gain a more realistic understanding of the impact of habits on aging, we conducted a street interview with hundreds of people, and the results were surprising!

Most men believe that aging is an inevitable part of human aging and that daily habits do not have a negative impact on it. In contrast to this misconception, the majority of women gave answers such as staying up late, exposure to the sun, and stress in the interviews.

In order to further explain the impact of these habits on aging, we invited Dr. Wang from the Chinese Medicine and Health Department of China Rehabilitation University. Dr. Wang listed 8 habits that are often ignored by us, but are very critical:

  • Sleep deprivation

Whether you stay up late or don't get enough sleep, it will lead to the loss of vitality of the skin surface cells and damage to the skin barrier, and once the water and collagen in the skin start to lose, the first outward symptom is the appearance of dark circles and fine lines around the eyes.

  • Not using sunscreen

Many people simply think that sunscreen is just to keep the sun from tanning the skin. In fact, the real role of sunscreen is to resist the destruction of collagen by ultraviolet rays, because UV-induced skin damage will accelerate the aging of the skin. As a result, the skin will also suffer from reduced elasticity, dryness, dullness, and even sun spots.

  • Extreme Weight Loss

Excessive and rapid weight loss will result in a sudden loss of subcutaneous fat. The skin will lose support and filling and become loose and sagging. Moreover, the rapid reduction of oil will make the skin dry and rough, and desquamation is likely to occur on the body.

  • Smoking

On the one hand, the nicotine in tobacco will cause skin hypoxia and vasoconstriction, affecting the transportation of nutrients, and thereby making the skin dry and dull. On the other hand, nicotine increases the number of free radicals, destroys the skin's antioxidant capacity, and accelerates skin aging.

  • Alcoholism

Alcohol is a Class I carcinogen, which can not only lead to capillary dilatation but also affect the balance of skin moisture and nutrients, resulting in a decline in collagen content.

  • Love sweets

Many people ignore this. Elevated blood sugar will promote glycation reaction and increase insulin activity, which is more likely to cause skin problems, such as acne and dermatitis, and collagen and elastic fibers will also be damaged. , causing fine lines and spots to appear.

  • Stress

Mental stress releases a large amount of cortisol, a hormone that breaks down collagen. In the long run, the skin will become loose and wrinkles will increase. The release of this stress hormone will also interfere with the normal endocrine system, leading to abnormal sebum secretion, which may cause skin problems.

  • Environmental Pollution

Harmful substances in the environment can also cause damage to the skin and accelerate skin aging.

How different groups should buy collagen peptides?

These 8 points are the most easily overlooked daily habits when it comes to anti-aging, but in fact, we all know very well that the fight against aging can be achieved entirely through the supplementation of collagen peptides. However it is worth noting that there are many collagen peptide-rich products on the market at present, and when consumers are shopping for them, they can often be divided into the categories of the party of the test, the party of the brand, and the party of the ingredients.

The first type of consumers usually buy based on the reviews of bloggers. Since they do not know much about collagen peptides, they attach more importance to the results of using the reviews.

The second group of consumers believe in the brand effect and think that the products of brands with a big reputation will not be bad, so they attach more importance to the influence of the brand.

The third type of consumers already have an in-depth understanding of collagen peptides. They clearly know what specifications and content of collagen peptides are of high quality, and how to check whether the product complies with relevant regulations. Therefore, they pay more attention to the product itself.

In the final analysis, no matter what type of consumer you are targeting, or you are a consumer yourself, if you want to use collagen peptides to delay aging, you should follow the purchasing principles of pure natural materials, high-content ingredients, small molecule active peptides, and full certificate testing, so as to achieve the results you want.

Can collagen peptides make people look younger quickly?

However, we need to have a correct understanding of the question of whether collagen peptide can make people younger quickly. Although collagen peptide has a significant effect in anti-aging, it can not make people younger immediately.

Anti-aging is an ongoing process that requires long-term maintenance and care. Collagen peptide is just an aid that can help us slow down the rate of aging, but it cannot reverse time.

Equally important is to adopt healthy living habits. Adequate sleep, a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding the bad habits mentioned above can keep our skin in better condition.

We recommend that you bookmark and forward this article, and when you can't control yourself, turn it over and look at it. Not doing these 8 things, along with supplementing with collagen peptides, can really make youth stay longer!