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Chiti kick-off meeting in May


At the beginning of May, the Chiti General Office held a May kick-off meeting for the "New Forces". This conference mainly focused on the report on the work content of the first quarter, rewards for outstanding teams, and commendation for scientific research progress.


The entire conference kicked off in the report of the general manager Ms. Liu. Manager Liu led everyone to review the overall performance of the first quarter, focusing on the achievements of the scientific research team and academic personnel training, and released the performance indicators for the second quarter, putting forward new requirements for the team.


The content of her job report can be briefly summarized in a few words: transformation, growth, quality, and service.

In other words, the team is capable of growth, upholding everything for health, in the field of health products, we must always maintain our original intention and seek innovation and development. Freshmen have excellent performances, have been transforming into long-term growth, and have gratifying results. They must continue to stay motivated and continue to work hard. Product quality is always the first priority. On the basis of ensuring existing products, the scientific research team is required to continue to develop new products in the next stage. Upgrading management, optimizing services, enriching service content and customer benefits, urges the team to always be grateful to customers, passionate about the market, and respect the industry.

Subsequently, the leaders of various business departments started work reports in turn.


The scientific research team won the title of "Ace Team".

It is worth mentioning that the cultivation of new talents has always been Chiti's key work. In the first quarter of the work process, under the leadership of the team culture, fresh blood continued to make breakthroughs and performed well.

The theme of this conference is "new force". What is new life actually has two meanings. The first one refers to the sunny, vigorous, hardworking and enterprising workplace spirit represented by the newcomers; the other refers to the quality influence passed on by the product. Reshape the vitality of the body, healthy and reborn.