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When did you realize health is important?

In 2020, the COVID-19 rages across the world and has a huge impact on the development of the global integrated economy. At the same time, it is relentlessly harvesting fresh lives. Global colleagues should all feel the fragility of life while fighting the COVID-19 virus together.

According to research, human life expectancy will continue to extend in the 21st century, and the rate of extension will also accelerate. The famous scientist Aksel Kahn predicts that by 2020 the life expectancy of Westerners will be greatly extended, with males ranging from 82 to 83. Women are 90 years old. At the same time, advances in medicine, especially the development of bioengineering, will greatly reduce human suffering. However, sub-health has always been a topic that plagues people. The continuous growth of aging and physical resistance The problem of weakening and aging has naturally become a topic that many people have to face.

After this special period this year, I believe that more people will change their understanding of health, life, and work.

Someone suddenly became self-disciplined and completely changed their previous routines, going to bed and getting up early every day.

Someone suddenly realized that they stopped rushing to the plan overnight and spent more time with their children and parents.

Someone suddenly repented, uninstalled all the takeaway software, determined to lose weight and change the state of life.

Some people suddenly relieved, no longer being kidnapped by worldly desires, facing the sea, spring blossoms.

There is always a moment to let a person understand the value of health,

Maybe it was an illness, maybe it was a reunion.

Maybe it’s a reminder, maybe it’s a hearing.

At what moment do you begin to feel that health is the most important thing?

There was a case some time ago. A doctor received a call from his uncle, saying that he accidentally fell slightly and couldn’t get up. He was taken to the hospital to see that it was a femoral neck fracture.

In the past, this kind of fracture was jokingly called the “last fracture in life.” Because most of the middle-aged and elderly patients are bedridden after proximal femoral fractures, their bodies become worse every day, and eventually complications including but not limited to lung infections, urinary system infections, bedsores, and deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities occur. Life. Now the artificial joint replacement surgery is pretty mature, and it is possible to walk again soon after changing the knee joint.

Although there is already a better treatment for this disease, the doctor is still surprised at the condition of his uncle. Among the patients admitted, most of the femoral neck fractures are 70-80 years old, and the doctor’s uncle has just passed his 50th birthday.

The above-mentioned cases are definitely not isolated cases. The progress of modern society is accompanied by the acceleration of the pace of life, and the burden on people who work hard in society is getting heavier and heavier. There are more and more people suffering from osteoporosis in middle age, and the phenomenon of osteoporosis is becoming more and more serious in the younger age.

For people who are getting older and gradually feel stiff limbs and aging joints, the problem of “the last fracture in life” needs to be paid attention to, and it needs to be gradually improved from now on and properly adjusted.

Chondroitin sulfate is a drug that can improve bone quality and is widely present in human and animal cartilage tissues. Clinically, it is usually used together with glucosamine to achieve better results or cure arthritis. In addition, chondroitin sulfate also has anti-inflammatory, accelerated wound healing and anti-tumor effects.

A healthy body is the base of a happy life. In addition to the auxiliary effects of drugs and nutrients, we should pay more attention to our own health problems, early prevention and early exercise, and perhaps this sudden and inevitable event will be avoided.