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How to choose a good texture collagen peptide?

        With the development of modern civilization and technology, more people begin to pay attention to health and physical maintenance. As we all know, collagen peptides have special value and significance in supplementing human nutrients, skin care and beauty. However, many people may have difficulties when buying collagen products. There are many brands on the market and many types of peptide products. Knowing the effectiveness of collagen peptides but afraid of buying the wrong product, paying the IQ tax in vain is really a headache.

      Today, Chiti will gives you a scientific advice, how to buy the right collagen products?

1. Look at the raw materials:

      The sources of many product on the market cannot be verified because most manufacturers will not issue certificates of origin of raw materials. To put it bluntly, it is a conscientious business, because as consumers, it is impossible for us to go to the manufacture's warehouse to see whether their raw materials are good or not.

     Most caollagen products' raw materials on the market come from the surrounding seas of various countries. Please try to choose products that indicate deep-sea fish (provided that they are conscientious sellers), because the pollution of freshwater fish has been serious in recent years. What is the peptide powder you eat? To make up or to harm yourself needs to be carefully considered.

      Regarding the raw materials, I would like to say a few more words here, because after all, it is the most important link in collagen. The process and everything are second, and the safe quality of the raw materials must be ensured first.

      In addition to the above, it can also be distinguished from the color and taste. Generally speaking, after a good peptide powder is dissolved in water, it is colorless, transparent, slightly precipitated and has a faint fishy smell. If the color is yellowish or darker, such products are generally not good, but due to the process, some good raw materials will also appear yellow because of the process itself, but if they smell it, it is light fishy or animal skin glue. Taste, this collagen itself is no problem. If the product has a strong taste, especially a product with a fishy smell, its raw materials must be unreliable. The possibility of moldy deterioration is high, and it may even be leftovers of leather. There is another kind of invisible and more terrible. First, the scraps from the leather processing process are made into gelatin, and then sold to the collagen factory. After enzymatic hydrolysis, it becomes a small molecule collagen, which can also be made into a colorless and odorless product.

       As far as the author’s research is concerned, the collagen products in Japan and France are already very mature, and both two countries have strict domestic supervision. Basically, all products will provide truthful certificates of origin of raw materials. Although the products are relatively more expensive, the imported products must be selected first! In comparison between these two countries, I prefer Japan, because the French Rousselot Group is well-known, and the current price of collagen products has far exceeded the actual value. In addition, Japan has recently been affected by Fukushima and its reputation has been damaged. If you are in doubt, you may wish to consider starting with Chiti's products, introducing Japanese craftsmanship, selecting raw materials to benchmark French brands, and the service standards are also in line with internationally renowned brands will also provide truthful raw material origin certificate, so that you can buy at ease.

2. Process:

      The first is the filtration link, because this determines whether the impurities are removed completely. There is no unified index for this piece, which is based on the conscience of the manufacturer.

      Whether it is extracted at low temperature or not, this determines the degree of activity of the final small molecule collagen, and there is still no unified index for measuring the activity of this piece.

      Here I still recommend the Chiti brand. It has been a brand for many years. The products are sold all over the world. After all, because of the demand there, the market is already very mature and the craftsmanship is top-notch.

3. Average molecular weight

        The products whose average molecular weight is controlled at 1000-2000D are all good, and the core components are small peptides synthesized by the condensation of two, three, four, five, and six amino acids. This mainly depends on the authoritative test report. Naturally, products with smaller molecular weights are easier to absorb. Chiti’s current hot-selling products have an average molecular weight of about 500D. Of course, you can choose different molecular weights according to your needs, but Chiti will issue a corresponding authoritative test for each molecular weight report, this is very reassuring.

4. Appearance

        White is the best. As for the choice of granulation or powder, it doesn't matter, the ingredients are exactly the same, but the granules are more soluble.

5. Taste

       As mentioned earlier, if it is refined from fish skin or scales, it has a light fishy smell; if it is cowhide, it has a light animal skin smell.

       Generally, there is a fishy smell, which means that the raw materials may have deteriorated or the impurities may not be removed cleanly. Remember that such a product should never be used! ! !

       In addition, it is worth noting that some brands add some other ingredients to the original powder in order to cover up the defects of the product itself or to make the taste better. Therefore, you must carefully identify the ingredient list when purchasing the product to ensure the peptide content. Sufficient, and distinguish whether there are excess flavor additives. Of course, some additional nutrients are no problem.

       As shown in the figure, the ingredient content table of Chiti deep-sea fish collagen peptide powder.

6. Which peptide powder should be used? Fish scale or fish skin?

       Generally speaking, the gelatin of fish scales can only be extracted after calcification. In comparison, fish skin glue is definitely better.

7. Which is better, tablet, capsule, liquid or powder?

        First of all, oral liquid type is not recommended as the first choice. One of the reason is that the collagen content is basically inconsistent with the description, some collagen oral liquids contain only laboratory data, which is much lower than the product itself. Another, choose fruity collagen drinks carefully. The delicious flavors you taste, the sweet and sour fruity collagen drinks, are all flavoring agents, and you can no longer taste the taste of the raw materials themselves. Most of them are to cover the taste of the poor quality raw materials. In addition, in order to prevent deterioration, basically liquid collagen drinks are added with preservatives.

       Secondly, how to judge tablets or capsules? It is not easy to compare, you can crush it, mix it with a little water, and taste.

       In short, from personal experience, pure powder is the safest and easiest to detect, and it is not easy to have other tricks.