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UNFOLDING---- Efficacy and Function of Collagen Peptide (the most complete one)

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Collagen is a kind of biomolecular substance, named Collagen in English, which plays a role in binding tissues in animal cells. As one of the most critical raw materials in the biotechnology industry, it is also the best biomedical material in great demand. Its applications include biomedical materials, cosmetics, food industry, research and other applications.

Collagen, an extracellular protein, is a fibrous protein formed by twisting three peptide chains. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. Dr. Brandt, the father of collagen in the world, asserted: "The aging process of human beings is the process of collagen loss!" Collagen makes up more than 30% of total body protein. 

Collagen is rich in glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and other amino acids. Collagen is the most important component of the extracellular matrix.

After all this, still don't get it? Simply put: The flexible and supportive tissues of your body are almost entirely collagen.

For example, the beautiful face that girls care about most is supported by collagen, and cartilage, eyes, muscles, breast support structure and so on are all supported by collagen. As long as the part that needs support or has flexibility, almost contains collagen. Understand? 

The general structure of collagen:

The followings are some efficacy and functions of collagen. 

No.1: Hair and Nails.

The key to healthy hair lies in the nutrition of the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, which is the foundation of hair. Collagen in the dermis is the nutrient feeder for the epidermis and its appendages, which are mainly hair and nails. Lack of collagen, hair dry split, nails easily broken, dull color, so thats why when the post-90s are preventing hair loss, collagen has become a hot spot.

No.2: Bones.

70% to 80% of the organic matter in bones is collagen, especially in cartilage. Many people think that the elderly or children who are calcium deficient need to take calcium supplements alone, but do not thinking about taking calcium containing collagen and resulting in poor growth in children and increasingly severe wear and tear on joints in the elderly. When bone is formed, enough collagen fibers must be synthesized to form a scaffold for bone. So some people call collagen the bone of bones. Collagen fiber has strong toughness and elasticity. If a long bone is compared to a concrete column, the collagen fibers are the steel frame of the column, and the lack of collagen fibers is like the use of inferior steel bars in construction, and the danger of crumpling is imminent.

No.3: Repairing. 

Firming the skin: When absorbed by the skin, collagen fills between the dermis, increasing skin firmness, producing skin tension, shrinking pores, and making the skin firm and elastic! So a large number of beauty-loving girls are keen on collagen, especially collagen powder .

Anti-wrinkle: the plump collagen layer in the dermis holds up skin cells, combines the function of moisturizing and inhibiting wrinkles, and achieves the effect of stretching rough lines and fading fine lines together!

Repairing: Active collagen can directly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, and has a good affinity with the surrounding tissues, which can help cells produce collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells. At the same time, active collagen itself has anti-inflammatory and skin renewal functions.

Nutrition: Collagen has a strong permeability to the skin and can combine with skin epithelial cells through the cuticle to participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells and enhance the activity of collagen in the skin. It can maintain the integrity of cuticle moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance blood circulation, and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

Beautifying breast: the unique hydroxyproline in collagen can tighten the connective tissue, make the loose tissue become firm, support sagging breasts, make breasts straight, plump, full of elasticity.

Many babes may wondering which brand would have the best efficacy.

Well, here I highly recommend Chiti. Its products are remarkably moisturizing and anti-wrinkle.

No.4: Breast Enhancement. 

Collagen and Breast Enhancement: Collagen's role in breast enhancement has long been well known. Breasts are mainly made up of connective and adipose tissue, and the support of straight and plump breasts is largely dependent on connective tissue. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue. Collagen and polyglycoprotein are often interwoven into a network structure in connective tissue, producing a certain mechanical strength, which is the nutritional basis for supporting the curve of the human body and reflecting the upright posture.


No.5: Weight Loss. 

Collagen and weight loss: Weight loss requires fat burning (catabolism), and collagen hydrolysis can increase and prolong this catabolism process, burning more fat to achieve the goal of weight loss. And collagen uses a lot of energy to repair cells, which must be done during sleep. So, by eating hydrolyzed collagen, you can lose weight while you sleep, and your dream of easy weight loss becomes a reality. (PS: This is also why a lot of collagen is eaten at night, of course, this should be pure collagen powder)

No.6: Skin. 

Collagen and skin: collagen is known as "bone of bone, skin of skin and muscle of muscle", which can be said to be the strong backing of dermis and plays a self-evident role in skin. Protective and suitably elastic, the epidermal layer that occupies most of the structure is the dermis, approximately 2 mm thick. This part of the protein is composed of collagen and elastin, and the rest is nerves, capillaries, sweat and sebaceous glands, lymphatic vessels and hair roots. 70% of skin is made up of collagen. The skin is like a big cover tightly wrapped around the body, with a large surface area. When the human limbs move, the collagen in the skin works, giving the skin its protective function and proper elasticity and hardness.


No.7: Teeth and Calcium. 

Hard, elastic bones are not loose and brittle: bones contain calcium, and calcium loss in teeth can lead to dental disease, tooth decay and periodontal disease, and bone calcium loss can lead to osteoporosis. Collagen binds calcium to bone cells without losing it. When collagen is lost in bones, calcium levels in bones are also reduced. At this time, increasing calcium intake is not easy to improve the phenomenon of osteoporosis, because calcium can not be retained in the bones, eating too much calcium will also be lost, mainly due to the decrease of collagen. Therefore, in order to preserve bones, it can be taken from food or supplemented with collagen health food. The ratio of collagen to elastin in the dermis is about 45:1, while collagen in bone accounts for about 20%. Collagen is the main protein component in skin and bones, and 80 percent of the total protein mass in bones is collagen. Bones and teeth are strong and elastic because they contain collagen.


Collagen makes both the eye and the cornea transparent: The cornea is one of the most important structures in the eye. The regular arrangement of collagen fibers not only allows light to pass through, but also makes the cornea transparent because of the special arrangement of collagen fibers. Because collagen is the main component of corneal protein, contact lenses made of collagen are very suitable for the human body, that is, they have a high fit to the human body and hold water better than contact lenses made of other materials.


No.9:Muscle Cells. 

Promote the elasticity and luster of muscle cells: muscle is mainly composed of myofibrin and myosin. Collagen is used to bond between cells and it is also one of the fitness materials. Collagen molecules form a solid skeleton that keeps the body in good shape and supple. When eating beef, there are often hard beef tendons, the main component of which is collagen.

Collagen mainly exists in animals, such as pig collagen, bovine collagen, fish collagen and so on. Fish collagen is of the best quality and will cost more than other collagen products.

Chiti offers a wide range of collagen peptides, and you can buy almost everything you need at Chiti.

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Activating cell function: There are more than 60 trillion cells in the human body. Cells differentiate during the embryonic stage and eventually form organs. Collagen, which is secreted by cells such as the eyes, nose and heart, helps the differentiated cells function fully. For example, the pancreas produces insulin and the stomach produces a lot of digestive enzymes. However, collagen can only be secreted if it is present. If collagen is lacking, the cell can't function, so collagen and cell function are activated.

No.11:Moisturize, Nourishing and Brightening.

Moisturizing: collagen contains hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, triple helix structure can strongly lock moisture, always keep skin tender!

Nourishing: Active collagen has strong permeability to the skin and can combine with skin epithelial cells through the cuticle to participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells and enhance the activity of collagen in the skin. It can maintain the integrity of cuticle moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells, promote the metabolism of skin tissue, enhance blood circulation, and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

Skin brightening: The skin's luster depends on its moisture content. Collagen's excellent water-holding ability makes skin moist, bright and healthy.


Collagen and muscle: Although collagen is not the main component of muscle tissue, collagen is closely involved in muscle growth. For growing teenagers, collagen supplements can boost growth hormone secretion and muscle growth. For adults who want to stay in shape, it is necessary to replenish collagen to build strong and healthy muscles.


Improve immune function: the immunity of human body is related to some living molecules called immunoglobulin, such as lymphocytes, macrophages and so on. When a foreign object invades, immune cells act like an army, fighting it, surrounding and engulfing it, and even sacrificing themselves to stay healthy. So the stronger the immune cells, if you have enough of them, you can kill the enemy completely, otherwise the body will get sick.

There are many ways to enhance immune function, one of the effective ways is to combine immune protein and collagen. When this binding is complete, the body's immune system is at least 100 times more immune.

When immune cells flow through the body with blood, they will pass through the blood vessel wall and approach foreign bodies (such as bacteria, viruses, etc.). If this part contains a lot of collagen, immune cells will combine with collagen in time to fight against foreign bodies. Then, a series of functions to improve immune function will continue to occur, and macrophages, lymphocytes, plasma cells, immunoglobulin and other comprehensive improvement of immune function, will increase the body's resistance.


Protect and strengthen internal organs: The main internal organs and tissues of the body contain collagen, which is located under the epidermal structure of these organs, and its greatest role is to protect and strengthen internal organs, such as the stomach or intestines. 


Hemostatic effect: In order to inhibit surgical bleeding, collagen is often used to spread on the surgical wound in hospitals, and collagen is often used by pregnant women to prevent massive bleeding. So when platelets come into contact with collagen in the walls of blood vessels, they stop bleeding. When there is too little collagen in the body, blood is less likely to clot.

No.16:Pain Reliving. 

Activate muscles and bones to treat arthritis and pain: Collagen is widely found in muscles and bones and is the primary biomedical material for artificial skin, ligaments and joints. Therefore, when the muscles and bones and joints of the human body are sore or even inflamed, the use of collagen can play a supplementary and substitute role to relieve the pain of bones and muscles.

No.17:Anti-aging and Wiping Wrinkles.

As collagen is the main protein of skin, when skin aging produces wrinkles, collagen can be used to improve or even remove wrinkles. Collagen is used for whitening and makeup, and its main functions are as follows:

1. Increase the ability of skin to retain water and improve the moisturizing effect.

2. Dilate the skin microvessels and increase the temperature.

3. Adjust the oil to the right amount.

4. Make the tissues in the skin bond more tightly.

5. Keep skin smooth. Skin wrinkles are caused by aging collagen in the dermis, so collagen supplements can both remove wrinkles and moisturize.


Collagen is an indispensable and important part of the human body, and appropriate supplementation has a very good effect on the body. Powder collagen peptide is recommended for our daily use, because of its high purity, and there is no colloidal additive with water or gelatin.

Such as Chiti collagen peptide, deep sea cod 500Da small molecule powder is highly recommended. In addition, Chiti's tripeptide collagen is also popular.

The passage of time is not terrible, aging is not terrible, choose the right way to fight against oxidation and collagen loss, mutual combination makes you not afraid of time and youth frozen!

Any need, please contact us!

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