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Type II Collagen Peptides

【Product Name】Collagen Peptides

【Characters】 Light yellow to brown powder, characteristic odor and taste

【Function】 This product can be used in beverage such as milk, yogurt, soy milk mixed drinks as the nutritional additives and can.

be used in food such as biscuits,chocolate,jelly,snack noodle as nutritional supplement;as per the prescription,it also can be

directly processed into tablets,capsules and other functional foods, which have special effects on bones’health, preventing

and improving constipation、the cardiovascular disease and immunity.

【Storage】 In an tight container at dry place


High assay, Low impurities, Non irradiated, low microbes, low presidual solvent.

Stable supply

All raw materials are tested by strict quality control standards.

Storage conditions: 2~8℃, sealed, protected from light and moisture

Validity period: 2 years


Type II Collagen peptides.

It’s extracted from Cartilage and can be used as food supplement, it’s good for joints,eyes, and for heart.

it can be also used for pet food. to make the pet’s bone more healthy.

100% solubility


ColorWhite or yellow powderPass
OdorNo smellPass
ImpurityNo visible exogenous imporityPass
Stacking Density(g/ml)
Protein(5.79)≥90.098.9(dry Basis)
Average Molecular Weight(DA)≤500Da402
Pb≤0.50 mg/kgPass
As≤0.50 mg/kgPass
Hg≤0.50 mg/kgPass
Cr≤2.00 mg/kgPass
Cd≤0.10 mg/kgPass
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/gPass
Yeast & Mold≤1000CFU/gPass
Pathogenic bacteriaNegativeNegative