Safety and Environment-Chiti Biotech



Environmental Protection

EHS Management system reflects Chiti's general direction and basic commitment in environmental and occupational health and safety protection

Sewage Management: a four-level decontamination unit is set up to realize the comprehensive purification of sewage and the separation of sewage and sludge. The automated sewage treatment management and control effectively protects the environment and guards the earth.


Safety Production: In production and business activities, Chiti appropriate accident prevention and control measures are taken to avoid accidents that cause personal injury and property damage, and production is carried out under the specified conditions to ensure the personal safety and health of employees, equipment and facilities from damage, and the environment Avoid destruction and ensure smooth production and operation activities.

Scientific risk control measures mechanism system create a safe production environment



MES management system Strengthen warehousing management, quickly improve the management level of warehousing materials, and ensure the logistics supply of various yellow control projects

Safety standardization improves work efficiency and promotes safe production.

Double prevention system, using standards to regulate production.